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    Stratasys J750

    Stratasys has two main technologies: FDM and Polyjet.


    • Stratasys has two main technologies: FDM and Polyjet.

    •  3D printer with Stratasys FDM:

    • J750 3D printer can make lifelike full-color multi material parts and product prototypes, from color to neon color, shading to high light, texture to gradient, the system can easily achieve more than 360,000 colors, achieve unparalleled fidelity.

    • J750 is not only a full-color 3D printer, it is more powerful than the use of material diversity. J750 can use 14 basic materials. More than 6 of them can be loaded at the same time, which not only reduces the number of material replacement, the diversity is greatly improved. J750 can handle a mixture of rigid, flexible, transparent or opaque materials, as well as composite model making, or printing of different materials or colors on the same pallet.

    • Molding Materials: Vero series opaque materials including neutral and bright colors

    • Tango Series Flexible Materials

    • Transparent veroclear and RGD720.

    • Digital Molding Materials

    • An unlimited number of composite materials include:

    • More than 360,000 kinds of colors

    • Ivory and green digital abs and digital ABS2

    • Rubber-like materials with different shore hardness a values

    • Translucent color Tint

    • Support Material: SUP705 (can be removed with water gun)

    • Max Forming size: 490x390x200mm

    • Print layer Thickness: The horizontal print layer is thinnest to 14 microns

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