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    What is the high-end clay model of the car?

    2019-07-26 13:56:53 73

    How is car styling developed?

    Essentials to describe:

    1, the designer according to the market research results and future trends, drawing two-dimensional design renderings

    2, digital modelers fun 3D modeling software (of course not 3DMAX, MAYA movie and video animation modeling software, such modeling software accuracy and surface quality is not high enough), the two-dimensional renderings into a three-dimensional digital model;

    3. The next step is the clay model.

    Clay modelers often have a wealth of hands-on experience, combined with two-dimensional renderings and three-dimensional digital models, using clay materials to convert the design to a three-dimensional solid model car.

    In this way, the entire design plan has entities.

    Is the entity important? Of course.

    For large-scale industrial product modeling (such as cars), volumetric sensation is a very important factor in modeling evaluation. From 2D to 3D, from small scale to 1:1, the conversion of each step is very different, so based on real Judging the shape of the entity is the most reliable.

    What to wear VR glasses to see all virtual models do not work. Must be a solid model.

    Why use clay?

    The clay with an interesting quality feature which is it softens in the heat and hardens in the cold...during it’s soft to stick together and then to shape it when it’s hard.

    In this way, through the repeated scrutiny of the designer and the clay modeler, the modification was changed and the final appearance came out.

    Yes, the process of all the car styling you see is presented like this.

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