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    Congratulations to Shanghai Senjoe Automobile Industry Co.,ltd. official online line!

    2019-07-31 10:34:13 99

    Shanghai Senjoe Ausomobile Industry Co.,ltd. was established in 2008 and is located next to Gucun Park in Shanghai. It mainly deals with the tools and materials for model making and related equipment required for a complete set of product design processes.

    The company has established her Financial Department, Business Department, Technical Department, Marketing Department, etc, with the collection of several professional clay modellers. We are devoted into the development of the modeling technology in China.

    Our principle is to provide a rather comprehensive and professional tools, high quality materials and one-stop services to our Chinese automotive industry, the motorcycle industry, household appliance industry, and also colleges and universities. We are honored to take this as our responsibility to make our contribution to the design and development of the transportation system of China.


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