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    Sales Engineer

    2019-08-16 上海 不限

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the company's product sales order docking work, to understand all customer information and dynamics; 

    2. Expand and maintain new and old customers, responsible for daily communication with suppliers;

    3. Responsible for conducting business negotiation and expansion of potential cooperation projects, and marketing the company's products; 

    4. Being able to independently develop, promote and implement corporate cooperation projects;

    5. On-site support for project activities, including preparatory work, on-site control, etc.

    6, responsible for the company's marketing, for the company's participation in some of the activities of the show; 

    Job Requirements:

    1. Male, college degree or above, marketing, mechanical, electronics and related professional

    2. More than two years of sales work experience, sales of machinery and equipment, and priority is given to automotive OEMs or automotive design institutes;

    3, skilled operation of office automation and OFFICE Excel/power point software; bidding experience, a driver's license priority. 

    4, clear thinking, strong ability to express, with good marketing skills, strong market development and operational capabilities 

    5, has a high degree of work enthusiasm, and sense of responsibility and loyalty, good execution and team spirit; 

    6, can withstand greater work pressure, the courage to challenge. 

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